Porsche 911
We find the Porsche 911 to be an fantastic car. With a design and body that goes back 50 years, the Porsche 911 does not disappoint as a sports car that you can drive everyday. The shape is now iconic and todays modern Porsche 911 is truly a world class sports car.

The current Porsche is the 991. It comes as a longer wheel base car, wider and with more power and better handling. It now has the latest technologies that are in modern Porsches including electronic steering, electronic dampers, direct fuel injection and modern tele-communication tools. Unfortunately rumor is that the new version of the 991 will be turbo-charged, so if you want to get an naturally aspirated feel for the engine, this generation will be the last one.

Porsche 911 (997)

What we really like is the previous model, known as the Porsche 997. The Porsche 997 built between 2005-2012 are considered the last of the ‘analog’ Porsche 911s. With hydraulic steering, 6-speed manuals, and the classic shape of the beloved Porsche 993, the Porsche 997 is going down as a good one. And due to depreciation, you can get some really nice models for the cost of a new Honda or Toyota.

There were some great models to choose from during the Porsche 997 run. You have the base Carrera and the Carrera S. You also have the 4-wheel drive models which were the Carrera 4 and Carrera 4S. Then you had the iconic and very pricey GT models lead by the Porsche GT3 and the later Porsche Gt3 RS. Porsche also were able to fill in the gap between the race-bred GT cars and the more domestic cars by bringing out the 997 GTS model. The GTS was an fully loaded Carrera S model with extra options that you couldn’t order ala carte. Plus getting the GTS was alot cheaper then ordering a Carrera S and picking the options yourself. Some great features of the Porsche 997 GTS includes the powerkit to the engine which added almost 40 hp to the car, special black tints to the headlights and tail-lights, a special sport suspension and special exterior stickers. Click here to learn more about all the Porsche 997 models that was produced.

The PORSCHE 997 is one of our favorite cars and many great models are now for sale. Search on Autotrader, Cars.com or speciality sites like PorscheCarsforSale to find your Porsche 997.